Coming December, 2011!

I am finally releasing my first CD of original music. "Second Song" is a collection of piano solos that I have written over the past 20 years. I recently recorded them at my home in Centreville, VA, and the collection will be available as a CD as well as digital downloads on this site as well as Amazon, CD Baby and iTunes. Check back here for a final release date.

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Urban Landscape is a collection of original compositions written for solo piano and ensembles featuring the following artists

Urban Landscape

Gregory Anderson - Piano

David Latulippe - Flute, Piccolo

Douglas Slaton - Cello

Celia Bewley - Clarinet

Milton Baer - Pipe Organ
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Candy Blue is a musical comedy I wrote in the early '90's. I spent months writing the book and score, then many more months recording a demo soundtrack with some wonderfully talented and generous vocalists in Portland, OR.

After a feeble attempt to get the show produced, I moved on to other projects, and Candy Blue just sits around collecting dust. Here are some audio snippets from the demo recording.

If you're looking for an original musical comedy for your theater, look no further Candy Blue is full of catchy tunes, intriguing characters and family-friendly fun. Drop me a line, and I'll tell you all about it!

Music Samples

02 The Door

11 We Almost Made It

14 When I Take Over The World

19 In The End
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